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A crime podcast so true, you won't believe it.

with Ethan and Dwight

Latest Episode

The Miller Family Murders

On the first episode of Unbelievable True Crime,  Ethan and Dwight dive deep into one of our nation’s most horrific tragedies, “The Miller Family Murders”. Grab a stiff drink as we share the truth of a quadruple homicide that will forever haunt the small suburban community of Boring, Oregon. You’ll be left speechless when we shine light onto the new details of this 10-year-old case and follow the trail wherever it may lead us.

   The Show

Join Ethan and Dwight as we dive into the most outrageous crimes both solved and unsolved the world has ever seen. We'll give you a first hand look into some heinous and vial crimes that have been committed, and speculate wildly about the facts of the cases. The cases discussed are carefully and meticulously chosen to leave you with chills on your spine, so unbelievable you won't believe us!

As we dive deep into the complex world of murder, deceit, and horror, find our chilling content on Spotify, Google Podcast, and Soundcloud or watch us on YouTube.





Executive Producer & Co-Host

As a film major and comic genius, Ethan has a passion for bringing quality content and a good laugh. His many projects are always a crowd favorite and bring a smile to the face of viewers!

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Producer & Co-Host

Dwight is an education major with a goal of shaping the minds of young students, and an entertainer at heart. Acting from a young age has instilled adaptability and hard work, and he is thrilled to host this great podcast to entertain you!

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